From the Bangladeshi Slums to Multiple 6+ Figure Online Business

I was picking up trash at the age of 5 in the Slums of Bangladesh.

Today, I run Multi 6-Figure Online Business.

18 years ago, I was a curious kid running across the slums of Bangladesh.

I was working at an electrical shop at the age of 6 bringing people tea, coffee and water.

I recognized at an early age education was the only way out of the cycle of poverty I was born into.

I was fortunate to receive my primary education through an NGO, The Maria Cristine Foundation in Bangladesh.

Then, I got a sponsorship to complete my high school in Dubai.

I had to make a lot of adjustments in my life.

I left home at the age of 10.

I left my siblings, my parents and my society behind in hopes of a better life for myself.

I lost opportunities to grow up with my own siblings and time with my aging parents.

At the same time, I got opportunities that I never dreamt of like building a strong network of friends and families around the world.

I have lived with 7 different western foster families for the past 15 years in Dubai and Australia which has given me insights into the cultural differences and ideologies of life.

I have spoken in front of presidents of countries including Bill Clinton and have contributed to raising 6+ figures for NGOs.

Today, I hardly resemble my former self.

I’m living in Australia, being financially independent and have been so fortunate to help many businesses and entrepreneurs generate multiple 6 figure months in their business using my knowledge of sales, marketing and sales funnels.

I had to face a lot of challenges going from Bangladesh to Dubai at ten years old.

Because of where I came from, not many people believed in me.

I had adapted to western cultural expectations quickly and as time moved forward I gained academic excellence in my education through hard work, resilience, and grit.

In 2017, I was very fortunate to receive a $100K sponsorship to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science in Australia.

I was given a rare opportunity and I wanted to use it to the fullest extent possible to give back to the world.

Me, My Five Siblings, My Biological Mum (Lily) & Caroline ( My foster mom)

I saw a lot of people struggling in 2020 due to losing their jobs.

I was struggling very much at this time with no job and financially supporting 10 members of my family who were in poverty in Bangladesh.

More importantly, I was in the final year of my degree and needed to get $104K to pursue my Master’s Degree.

I knew a 9–5 would not cut it so I set out to become an entrepreneur.

I saw entrepreneurs and businesses were suffering and I decided to capitalise on all of my knowledge so I can serve and give back to society.

When I tried to be an entrepreneur, I hit a lot of dead ends with websites, funnels, marketing and sales.

I hired a lot of skilled people to help me but none of it worked.

After spending thousands of dollars, I recognised I was failing because the others were not committed to my success.

At this moment,

I thought, how is an entrepreneur supposed to succeed like this?

This exact thought lead me to create Milsales LLC, a digital marketing agency that specialises in websites, funnels, courses, explainer videos, reputation management, training & resources.

I am a business development expert who specialises in starting, growing and scaling coaching/consulting/digital agencies.

My clients have generated $5M+ in revenue in the last 3 years since they started working with me.

Not only that, it has allowed my company to generate multi six figures+ in revenue with no fancy business degree.

I am fortunate to have a team who specialises in web development, content creation, copywriting, lead generation and UI/UX design.

But I ran into have huge cost with salaries & nearly went bankrupt.

I fired them all & started outsourcing instead.

I am all about creating results and transformation in others’ businesses and entrepreneurial journeys because when my clients win, I win.

Our price points are low enough for beginners to get started, we support them for up to 12 months in all elements of business and we value long-term relationships and communication.

This helped my company and myself stand out in that niche.

As a university student, I did not have money but I had time which I invested to increase my competency and my ability to impact the world.

I realised the impact I could make

I spent so much time working 12–18 hour days in the beginning that it took a very big toll on my life.

Don’t try to figure it all out on your own.

Now, I only work about 2-4 hours a day.

I was able to do this because I built a team, sourced work and leveraged others’ expertise and resources to propel me forward.

The funny thing is now, I can achieve a lot more by working less.

What I get up to during holidays

I have worked with 200+ clients and the biggest learning was there IS SO MUCH money in the world, most people just dont use the right financial vehicle to achieve it.

My goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs,coaches, consultants, course creators, service-based business owners and entrepreneurs succeed online.

This is possible because we use freelancers, outsourcing agents and internal team who do 90% of the work for our clients.

Our clients will give us their vision and we turn it into reality.

As humans we are creatures of habit, we often get stuck with what we know. But the internet is evolving faster than ever and most businesses are being left behind.

To me, success is helping business owners and entrepreneurs leverage these changes in their lives and businesses.

I love sharing knowledge freely and helping my clients implement it because this is where their revenue comes from.

Ideas left alone are just money left on the table.

I love when we get new clients who are ready to take advantage of our proven, systematic and automated online sales process to turn interested visitors into paying customers.

I want to help 1000 business owners and entrepreneurs make million-dollar businesses in the next 10 years.

If you would like to join me and build your very own 6-Figure Business.

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